Senior Citizen wants to Remat Some Stocks

I am not sure if this is the right section but I could not find better option so.

An elderly lady who is senior citizen has a demat account and wants to remat some shares ..( she has reasons and I don't want to get in to argument right now) ... So my question is once she send it to our broker many days it will take to receive those physical certificates? and do they use registered post (so that her physical presence and signature is required?) I am asking about this is because she might have to go abroad..and her residential address at broker might be rented out and she does not trust her tenants to receive the delivery. Can she have those certificates delivered at her daughters' address or it's law that those certificates cannot be delivered other than her residential address with broker?


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Broker doesn't have a role in remat.

The registrar of the company will do it.

She can request the registrar to deliver the shares to an alternate address. It is up to the registrar to accept or reject the request.

Overall, holding shares in physical form is a very bad idea.

If the share certificates are lost in transit or lost by the owner, the process to get duplicate certificates is extremely cumbersome and costly and will involve multiple visits to police station and lawyer.

The process is so bad that some share owners never apply for duplicate certificates and just forget about the shares.