Sharing of Client Data by Brokers/Intermediatories

Since have started trading, I have started receiving innumerable marketing call from stock trading advisory firms. Also I am getting lot of spam emails.

I opened account with RKSV, demat with il&fs and registered on Nest terminal website. I dont know if any other intermediatories are involved.

Till now I never received any such calls and why now only I have started receiving such calls?! The obvious logic is that any one of these intermediaries is sharing client's data to such tele marketers. Also in spam email the name format is same as my name format in trading account.

God know what else they are sharing. It's good that at least i have not given power of attorney so that broker doesn't know which stocks i have.

The professionalism in financial services firms has gone below than street prostitute..


Staff member
It's not the firms that share data.

Usually executives working in these firms leak the data.

In most cases when an executives leaves a company, he takes the data with him and then sells/exchanges this data with executives of other broking companies.

It is a common problem in the financial sector including banking and insurance.