Short Delivery

Maybe the bonds belonged to someone else.

If there was an internal shortage, Sharekhan must have taken the bonds from its own pool account and delivered to you.

Did you get another 2 bonds?
Yes I got other 2 bonds. Yes there is possibility that there is nothing wrong but I am not 100% sure. The question here is about Rs 30000 and I do not want to give the benefit of doubt to Sharekhan.
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Curious, why not buy and sell via RKSV for CDSL only bonds, why bother with Sharekhan?

What am I missing?
It is not CDSL only bonds. If the delivery is received in NDSL and you have CDSL account, then the same problem would happen with RKSV. I did not have enough experience with RKSV customer service, so dont want to take this risk with RKSV. Even if I have margin in RKSV account, I do not try buying SGB bonds in RKSV


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I still think it was short delivery but Sharekhan denies the fact. Is there any way to prove that delivery was short?
I can't think of any other way.

You should first check all your contract notes and confirm whether you have received all the bonds that you purchased or not.

Unless you are sure and can prove that you haven't received any bonds that you had purchased, there is little that can be done.