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Any one knows of a site which provides stock alerts via email or SMS for free? Money Control provides SMS updates but they charge for it. Earlier Money Control provided email alerts for free but they have discontinued the feature. I am specifically looking for real-time (or with some delay) email alerts if the price of a stock goes below or above a value set by me, as the case may be. Those who used the Money Control email alerts will know what I am talking about :)



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ICICI Direct charges Rs 1/- per alert...
It's not a free service
They used to give free alerts...I have used them in the past.

Their FAQ still says that a few free alerts are available to the customers.

Would there be any free alerts?

Yes. A certain number of free alerts would be permitted to you. The number of free alerts would be decided by ICICIdirect and could be subject to change at ICICIdirect’s discretion from time to time.
Yes, I am getting continuous alerts on my rediffmail.

See the latest alert I have received on 9th June 2008.

Hello Ashish,

IDBI Ltd. has gone below the Rs 80.0 mark set by you. Rs 76.50 at 09 Jun, 12:47 Go to your Watch List for more information.

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Hmm.. maybe the reason is that I am not using a rediffmail email id. I will try it out with that and will update this thread.