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I thought you will wait for few days to do that buying
Actually I do not have the skills/intelligence to pick the right stocks at right time.

I am active on 4-5 popular market related forums and monitor suggestions/tips given by popular boarders there (like I used to follow marketmover on this forum).

I then do some preliminary analysis to bring the list down to 1-2 stocks and buy/sell.

Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don't.

Missing marketmover. He had given a block-buster tip on SRF.
What makes you so attracted to ROLTA - you are high on that?
It has jointly bid for defense projects with Bharat Electronics. Potential for 2x or 3x upside while downside is relatively capped. It is trading ~5 times consolidated EPS. How low can it go? At most 15% downside unless Indian Stock markets collapse.

Promoter stake increased in all past quarters.
100% in cash since 1st Week of August.
I don't think sitting on 100% cash is a prudent strategy. There are enough good companies with following contours.

A) Domestic economy focused strong balance sheet companies which will face tailwind of falling RM (lower commodity prices) as well as stronger domestic consumption demand.

B) Export oriented companies with price inelastic demand - Pharma. Will face tailwind of stronger dollar. Specially companies with strong molecules getting approval are prime candidates.

C) Companies whose primary RM are crude derivatives. They will face a shrinking revenue but margins and profitability will improve.

Good for you as it seems shopping time is back. Unfortunately no cash for me since I am invested with all my cash and now in huge loss on paper.. :afraid::banghead:
We need to strongly decouple from the Index level falls, as we have seen major commodity names in NIfty have crashed big time. Doesn't mean a focused stock specific portfolio will face the same trajectory.
Bought 250 shares of SBI yesterday.

CMP is Rs. 205

My target:

Short term: Rs 240 in 6 months

Long Term: Rs 340 in 24 months.
Sell 25% at Rs 300, 25% at Rs 320, 25% at Rs 330 and out at Rs 340.

Disclaimer: This is a personal view. I am not SEBI registered advisor. Invest at own risk, especially on free internet advise.