Sugar Sector


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Agreed that figure shown by shree renuka sugars were really horrible.

But is that enough reason for the stock to trade below 30% in 2 trading sessions?

What's the scenario regarding sugar output in coming days as I heard price rise because of export limit being raised.

Personally I don't hold any sugar stock except andhra sugars which is a way back purchase in my sister's account which never went positive and just enjoying dividend of 5-6 rs per stock every year.
There is talk of bull market an good upside is sugar sector because of lower supply. Already some sugar stocks have moved up close to 50% in the last few weeks. Is anybody tracking any of them?

Alchemist, if possible can you please take a look and share if you find any of the sugar stocks worthy of investment.


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I read in yesterday's paper.Yes the output of sugar will be low.

Last year in India production was 26 M tonne, this time it's predicted to be 24 M tonne.

Also in Brazil low output due to El Nino hence one should invest in balrampur chini for short term. Details will start coming out of production from October month as mentioned in that article..
Near future of sugar sector

Since the govt has decided finally the decontrolling of sugar before the budget. I hope this sector will go forward without much interruption, if it happens. :confused:.

Please do share your views.