The Next Big Things

Hi All,

I read this article on valueresearchonline, pretty interesting stuff. Check the link:

If we have to look into the future as pure investors, citizens later & consider some investments, do we have any companies in india whose major business comes from: :hmmmm2:

1) Climate Change & Energy efficiency products (Carbon credits business i believe wouldn't qualify much)
2) Water (Does Jain irrigation qualify here??)
3) Food (this we all know of few companies but good ones???)

This might be just a current fad but you never know if this actually happens then :tee:

Do reply with your ideas, even if no company is worth investing.
I had put up this post 4 months back & i think it is getting more relevant as days go by.

Look at:
1) Food Inflation - might increase further for foreseeable future
2) State of Water Supply - Mumbai & other large cities. High rainfall deficit areas & increase of desert land over past few years.
3) Climate change - every major company seems to be going green

Some companies have to benefit from this, trying to find few (not karuturi global)
U.S. and China currency battle

Hi guys,

President Obama and the Chinese government are at odds over the value of the Chinese currency. Obama wants the Chinese to revalue the yuan so as to get a balance of trade between them. However The Chinese seem not to budge to Obama's demand. Come April the 15th the drama will unfold, if it is not settled by then. U.S. president is going to label the Chinese as currency manipulators and hence a trade war leading to devastating effects on the world markets. The markets will tumble and we will be back to 2008.

Beware and get ready to offload if the war of words hots up.