Thoda Aur Wish Karo.....

Dear Alchemist
I have some suggestions:
1. Let all of us share our experiences about our brokerage services and may be rate them, so that others can benefit from it
2. We need your opinion and some selected opinions from distinguished members about basics of investing (fundamentals): some topics are already suggested-how to decide the share price, how to decide the entry and exit points, how to read balance sheet and profit and loss account etc
3. We need sorted comments and analysis on selected companies: may be 30-50 so that users can benefit from it by selecting few from it for their portfolios. All companies should have good fundamentals. (this will guide stock picking), once something goes wrong with the company, 'sell' message is given and the thread/discussion is discontinued. (You can consider giving regular entry/exit points for each company in the list)
4. The messages in these sections need to pass through administrator/expert so that some buy/sell recommendations, unnecessary informations are filtered out. (in my opinion, many posts in are posted without genuine information/interest; we need to see that this forum maintains its current nature, and does not turn out to be another forum for posting whatever one wishes)
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I feel you are doing great job and i see some more areas you should look forward.
1. Try to give some regular recommendations - with backup or anlaysis - daily or weekly recommendations will be great.
2. You are right - u cannot reply to all - so leave it to others in this forum - and jump in only if you do not agree with their replies- so as to avoid spreading of wrong words.
3. We all are interested in making money - in short time and we all are small investors - so lets limit our stocks and discussions - to low profile. Midcaps - or small caps.
4. Let's make a motto of making each and every individual in this forum richer than what he was before and let us all take up that responsibility. Everyone in this forum should contribute in sharing their experience and study about the market

Very well said sir!!

What I would like to add is, technical analysis is a very long, very painful and usually not a very successfull proposition. The most important reason being it needs you to be very disciplined, which alas, no one can accuse me off :p.

So I say we study fundamentally goods stocks with a long term approach. People can still use the services of Mr. Khatlawala for free weekly calls. Folks lets face it, lesser mortals like us who always depend on someone else's technical analysis will invariably get the short end of the stick as most of us dont completely understand it. And I believe in doing what I understand and am committed to do rather than blindly following some TA. Fundamentals on the otherhand are much easier to understand ateast when explained.

Even though the technical side of me says TA is a superset of Fundamentals, TA somehow pulls you towards the short-term and intra day trading which is not for the likes (most) of us.
Hi Alchem

I would like to see some 'exercise' given to the new members on the analysing the stocks...
to start-off you can pick some spocks which are easier to analyze and ask us to analyze the stock..once the newbies like me have done their analysis you could review them and suggest improvements..[as I find it realy hard to find shares....most of the shares I pick do not have any trend!!:(
can have seperate threads for fundamental and technical analysis as usual...
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