Tools for Technical Analysis


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Today morning my crack version of Amibroker stopped working as Amibroker killed all cracks of world. It is asking me to pay 20,000 rs, (400 USD) to renew license.

Is anybody facing same problem.

My mood is so off, ruined my day. All my data is lost. I have to forcibly moved to Metstock.

I tried NINJA Trader and it only imports filed with separator ;

which makes it diff from format of metastock and amibroker and makes my all historical data useless.
Last weekend I played with a couple of Free available techncial analysis tool.
Here is my feedback on free softwares

2. ChartNexus
Hi man4urheart,

Would it be possible for you to evaluate the charting software at moneycontrol website. I wanted to get started with a few basics of technical analysis, so live data is not a requirement, and paid software is not an option as yet.

It would be helpful if you could check if the most commonly used chart types and features are available there. One drawback that I can tell is that, there seems to be no way to save the chart on the PC. But since I just want to learn the basics, that is okay for me.

One example chart is here.