Transfer of Shares to New Demat Account

I have shares of 2 companies in my demat account of Religare. I want to transfer them to my Sharekhan account. What is the procedure and how much charges required? Share details are - Sesa Sterlite - 24 shares & Punj Lloyd - 100 shares. I am in loss right now but I don't want to sell them. Also after transfer of shares I want to close the account of Religare. So please reply.


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You can fill the details of the Sharekhan demat account in the account closing form and submit to Religare.

Religare will credit the shares to your Sharekhan account and then close your Religare account.

Use Annexure Q- Beneficiary account closure form.

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Alternatively you can use your TIFD slip and submit it to Religare. After the shares have been transferred you can close the Religare account.

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