Gold / Silver down.
Indian markets follow.
Dollar goes further up?

Like the predictions :tee:.

Is it headed towards 70?

What should be a realistic target?


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Enjoy! the breakout has happened after respecting the stop loss for 1.5 years or per say consolidation. It was a huge consolidation to build for a strong move!
Will you consider investing in MF which have exposure to USD to take benefit of USD rise? eg something like - Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund’s MoST NASDAQ-100 ETF? What are your views?


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The fund you choose has nothing to do with USD. It will be a big mistake to position yourself in it for USD view.

Please read about NASDAQ 100 fund, it is a etf mirroring nasdaq 100 index aka nasdaq and availale to invest in rupee denomination in india that's it nothing to do with USD INR view

I don't trade all instruments, I will just enjoy from sidelines and take a opposite signal for nifty as both work anti to each other.
That will be a doom scenario for our import oriented economy and markets.

FIIs are already losing double due to falling rupee and falling markets. If they concur with your charts they will withdraw in hordes sooner than later.

I wonder if this will trickle into real estate somehow.