What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term?


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With Nifty hovering around 10900 levels, unlock 2.0 with a limited opening for small businesses and domino effect, the economy will be moving to a bearish trend.

Any thoughts?
The economy is slowly re-starting but significant damage has been already been done. Many businesses have permanently closed down and many jobs have been lost.

It may take a few quarters for a full recovery (if there is going to be one).

There is total disconnect between the economy and the stock market and therefore stock investors should be very cautious.

Reckless money printing and government spending in the west (accompanied by huge surge of retail money) is keeping the financial markets buoyant.

More stimulus is expected in US and EU and this may keep markets up for some for time, but I am not sure how long this can go on.


US markets are clearly showing signs of irrational exuberance.

e..g. Nikola (a company that has never manufactured anything has a market cap of $14 billion (Rs 100000 crore).

There are many such "story stocks" in the US which are trading at nonsensical valuations.

It's a bubble waiting to burst, but that may take a very long time to burst as governments are using all resources to keep financial markets afloat.