Why Bankers Don't Like Kite Flyers


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Kite flying (in credit cards) is when you use one or more credit card to withdraw cash at an ATM as cash advance and pay dues on another credit card. Of course, this only works when the rate of interest you pay for cash advance on card A is lesser then the interest you pay towards pending dues on card B.
Why bankers don't like kite flyers
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Is kiting viable with any credit card?

I mean is there any credit card with interest/charges low enough to allow such a thing?

I have an ICICI Credit Card.

For cash withdrawals, the interest in calculated from the day of withdrawal.

Also, interest will be levied on all cash advances from the date of the transaction until the date of payment.
Most of ICICI's cards have high transactions fee for cash advances.

Cash advance – transaction fee

On all Cards - 2.50% on advanced amount, subject to a minimum of Rs. 300 except for the following cards:

On Easy Deposit Card – Nil for cash withdrawals at ICICI Bank ATMs
On Cash Card - Rs. 151 per transaction
On EMI Card - 2.99% on advanced amount, subject to a minimum of Rs. 299
The Easy Deposit Card is best suited for "Credit card kiting" as it has no cash advance transaction fee.

However it is a secured card and is given against a fixed deposit earning 8%-9% and so it doesn't make sense "kiting" with such a card.