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    Firstsource Solutions

    First Source Solutions FSL is available at 22.50 , is it a good buy @ this level?
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    Coal India - Listing Day Contest

    I think it will be closed at Rs.282.
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    REI Agro

    Differences between KRBL and REI agro Dear Members, Could you please tell me the difference between KRBL and REI agro? I see KRBL stock price is on the up move, where as REI Agro is going down? Why? I hold 5000 shares of REI agro and 2000 Shares of KRBL. Regards Nata
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    Sterlite Industries - Demerger

    I hope so.....:) Because the fall (more that 20% in this counter) has absorbed the negatives of the transactions 1 and 2 I thought it may be better to accumulate the stock at every fall… because, when the transaction is over (march 2009) we will have the shares of both STER and MALCO.. And...
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    Sterlite Industries - Demerger

    Dear Alchemist, Thank you very much for your detailed explanation and analysis. I am very much proud to be part of this group. I will start buying in this counter in small quantities.. BTW, Can we get 1/100 th of your brain … :) Regards, Nata
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    Sterlite Industries - Demerger

    Hi, I still feel there is something that all of us can earn out of this counter.. just not able to judge it right! , make it very simple and understandable.. and make right decisions.. Regards, Nata
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    Sterlite Industries - Demerger

    Hi, As per my prev, reply, if we had gone SHORT on this counter, we would have earned around 68 Rs/ Share …….today!!! But for sure it was just a guess estimates. :-) Regards, Nata
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    Sterlite Industries - Demerger

    Just a crude calculation: For every 4 shares of Sterlite, I get additional 7 shares of MALCO In that case, If Person ‘X’ holds, 4 shares of STERLITE INDUSTRIES at today’s closing price 575 then the total sum invested is Rs 2300. As per the demerge ratio, the person ‘X’ will get 7 Shares of...
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    Sterlite Industries - Demerger

    Dear All, What is happening with Sterlite Industries.. The demerger news is causing the stock to go down by almost 7-8% , Could you provide your feedback on this? Is it better to hold / sell? Regards, Nata
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    Telecom Stock for Investing (2-3 years)

    Telecom Sector : Bharti, RCOM or BSNL Telecom Sector : Bharti, RCOM or BSNL Considering the present situations, which is better stock to buy (2 years horizon from now)? Bharti or RCom? Or just wait for BSNL IPO to happen and BUY BSNL? Let me know. Thanks and Regards, Nata.
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    Cairn India Limited

    Dear All, could you please provide expected financial details of this company.. What would be its revenues? What would be its PE ratio? Regards,